The Mulberry Christmas with a Badge tradition returns, as the first snowflakes of the season dance through the air and holiday lights cast a festive glow over the community. This cherished initiative reaches out to community members who are facing tough times, offering them the joy and comfort of a Christmas dinner to be savored in their own homes.

Nestled within the Mulberry Senior Center on Hwy 64, a flurry of holiday activity ensues as volunteers lovingly assemble dinner packages. Each package contains uncooked, quality ingredients necessary for a traditional Christmas meal, ready to be transformed by the hands and hearts of local families into a feast that celebrates their holiday traditions.

Cooking during the holidays is more than following recipes—it’s about creating a tapestry of shared experiences and memories that last well beyond the season. The Christmas with a Badge program celebrates these moments, giving families not just the makings of a meal, but the ingredients for cherished memories.

The Senior Center, already a cornerstone of the community, will warmly welcome residents as they come to collect their dinner packages. Mindful of the limited availability, the program emphasizes that only one application per household will be accepted to ensure that the generosity reaches as far as possible.

To be a part of this outpouring of community spirit, applications are available at the City Complex on North Main Street. This is more than an opportunity to secure a holiday meal—it’s an invitation to be part of a tradition that feeds the stomach and the soul.

As each package is handed out, the exchange goes beyond the physical—a true gift of the season is shared. It’s a reminder that in Mulberry, every badge and every citizen is part of a larger family, committed to ensuring that the holiday spirit is alive in every home.

Once the day ends and the final package has been claimed, the impact of the Christmas with a Badge program continues to resonate. In every kitchen where these meals will be prepared, in the warmth of the oven and the glow of dining room lights, the true essence of Mulberry’s community spirit will be deeply felt.

This program isn’t just about providing for the tangible needs—it’s a celebration of the intangible joy of giving, of togetherness, and of the enduring care that defines the Mulberry community during the holiday season and all the days that follow.