The season of giving has wrapped the town of Mulberry in a warm embrace once again. Streets are lined with twinkling lights, homes are adorned with festive decor, and hearts are filled with the spirit of the season. But the true essence of Christmas shines through a special program that has become a beacon of hope and joy for many families in our community. It’s time for the annual Christmas with a Badge program, a heartwarming tradition where our Mulberry Police Officers become Santa’s helpers for a day.

Christmas with a Badge is more than just an event; it’s a journey of kindness where officers accompany less fortunate children on a shopping spree that brings much more than material gifts. With a generous amount of $100.00 each, these children are given the opportunity to step into the holiday season with not just new possessions, but with the warmth of knowing their community stands with them.

Every child’s eyes gleam with a mixture of wonder and gratitude as they select essential items – a cozy coat to fend off winter’s chill, sturdy shoes to tread new paths, socks, and underpants for everyday comfort, and a suit of clothing that represents new beginnings. These aren’t mere articles of clothing; they are armors of confidence and shields of love provided by those who protect and serve with their hearts.

Once these essentials are lovingly chosen, the children are free to lead the way to their heart’s desires within the aisles, selecting gifts that spark joy and ignite their imaginations. Toys, books, games – each item carefully picked, not with a price tag in mind, but with the currency of dreams and wishes. The only ask is that no BB guns or airsoft guns join their selections, keeping the season safe and sound for all.

As the magic of the program unfolds, so does the true meaning of Christmas. It’s in the gentle guidance of an officer helping a child find the right size shoes. It’s in the shared laughter as they hunt for the perfect toy. It’s in the quiet moments of gratitude as parents watch their children embrace a Christmas they thought might not come.

Applications are now open, inviting the embrace of the season until December 8th. We welcome you to stop by the City Complex to gather the rules and applications—one application per bright-eyed child, with eligibility extending up to those under the age of 18. For the littlest angels under six months, though the program’s sleigh ride doesn’t yet fit, a box of diapers, a package of wet wipes, and a suit of clothing await to swaddle them in Christmas cheer.

The Christmas with a Badge program is a tapestry of the Mulberry community’s values, woven with threads of compassion, care, and communal joy. It’s a reminder that amidst the chilly winter air, the warmth of our town’s heart blazes like an eternal Yuletide log.

So let’s come together, Mulberry, and continue to weave this wonderful tapestry. Let’s fill this season with the light of kindness that our Police Officers and children will carry on a shopping cart through the aisles of hope, and into the new year.

The joy of Christmas is not just in the giving but in the shared smiles, the moments of connection, and the knowledge that in Mulberry, no child is forgotten, and every child is cherished. Let’s make this Christmas with a Badge the beacon that brightens every corner of our beloved town.